Quimica Pima was founded on April 6, 1986, in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, with the main purpose of manufacturing and marketing all kinds of chemical products.

Purchase of 2.500 m² site in the Industrial Park of Hermosillo where the first factory and office is built.

Installation and start-up of an iron-free aluminum sulphate plant, built on the previous site.

Purchase of our first 2 trucks and bulk tanks for the sulfuric acid transportation and consolidation of the company as a major distributor.

On September 27 is founded our subsidiary company, Transporte Pima, S.A. Of C.V., acquiring its first two transport units from Química Pima, S.A. Of C.V.

Purchase of other contiguous land and expansion of our facilities in street of the Galaxies to 5,000 m².

Purchase of another neighboring land and new extension of our facilities in Calle de las Galaxias 25 to 7,000 m², which is the current surface.

Acquisition of 10,000 m² site in the city of Mexicali where the construction of offices and warehouses with which we currently operate begins.

We acquainted a 2,000m² site and construct in Calle de los Cometas 12, Hermosillo Industrial Park, a mechanical workshop with the headquarters of the company Transportes Pima, S.A. Of C.V.

Construction and startup of an industrial grade ammonium hydroxide plant at the facilities of Galaxias 25.

Acquisition in the city of Culiacán a 20,000m² site where we have office and warehouse.

Construction and startup of our first sodium hypochlorite plant at the facilities of Galaxias 25.

Encouraged by the success of our sodium hypochlorite plant sited on Galaxias 25, during 2004 we built on Calle del Plomo 45, on a 15,000m² site, a chlorine packing and sodium hypochlorite production plant. These facilities have a 2 railway access lines and 2 electrical substations.

We sold it to Industria quimica del Itsmo party of the CYDSA group, which are producers of soda and chlorine, the chlorine packing and sodium hypochlorite production plant that we had built the previous year.

We built and startup a calcium ammonium nitrate plant at the facilities of Galaxias 25.

We acquired a 15,000 m² site in Calle del Cobre 20, where we built our current headquarters offices, warehouses, storage tanks and railway access.

We acquired a 184,316 m² site at Km. 25 Obregón - Navojoa higway, Fundición, Sonora, where we have offices and warehouses.

We expand our warehouses in the branches of Mexicali and Culiacán

We built and startup of our iron-free liquid aluminum sulphate plant at the Copper 20 facility.

We expanded our calcium ammonium nitrate plant at the facilities of Galaxias 25.

We began the granulation of calcium nitrate project and the new enlargement of the liquid calcium ammonium nitrate plant is started.

Opening of branch Bajio, at Calle Norte 3 No. 110, Ciudad Industrial de Celaya, Guanajuato. With ample facilities for the storage of solids and tanks for the storage of liquids.

Opening of Guadalajara branch, in a 7,000 m² site with warehouse, offices and storage tanks area in Oro Grande Street No. 300 in Col. Solidaridad, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

Opening of branch Chihuahua in Av. Pacheco and Vias del Ferrocarril s / n, Col. El Mármol, Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

Opening of Monterrey branch on the Monterrey - Saltillo Highway No. 2000 in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon.

Start-up of our calcium ammonium nitrate granulation plant with a capacity of more than 18,000 tons per year.

Opening of Laguna branch in Santa Rita Circuit # 12, Santa Rita Industrial Park, Gómez Palacio, Durango, Mexico and enlargement of Chihuahua branch in Calle 55 # 8407, Col. Aviación, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Preparing our projection to the United States market we found PIMA CHEMICALS & FERTILIZERS, LLC with offices at 1370 N Industrial Park Drive, Nogales, Arizona 85621. We maintain monthly exports.

We continue to work to maintain the dynamism and leadership that have characterized us in the last decades, maximizing the efficiency of our processes, quality and service that allow us to be the optimal supplier of our clients.